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Using the Google Translate Extension in Chrome

To translate a page using the Google Translate extension in Chrome, follow these steps: On the right of the address bar in Chrome, click Translate. Click on your preferred language.Chrome will translate your current webpage. For other translation he...


About Inline Replies and Threading

This support article covers the following topics: Threaded Topic DisplayReplying to a Threaded TopicReply to a replyLoad more replies Inline replies and the threaded display style help organize replies, making each reply's context more visually cle...

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Community Thread Icons - What do They Mean?

When looking at individual community boards, you may notice certain icons, located just under the post in the activity feed:   Community icons have a variety of meanings:   Icon ImageFunctionPadlock icon: Highlights topics a moderator or admin has ...

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Contributing to the Community

This support article covers the following topics:   Code of Conduct Making a Post Replying to a Post Editing a Post Deleting a Post Accepted Solutions Protect Your Privacy Posts Marked as Spam  Code of Conduct   Before posting in the community, plea...

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How to use the Toolbar

This Support Article Covers the Following Topics: Expanding the Toolbar Preview Text Formatting Table of Contents Emoticons Inserting and Editing Media Images Videos Tables Code samples  The Article Body toolbar allows formatting posts in a variety...

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Subscriptions and Notifications

This Support Article Covers the Following Topics:   Subscribing to a Topic or Board Bookmarks A Note on Following Friends on Mobile Subscribing to a Label Managing Your Subscriptions  Subscriptions ensure you receive automated messages about the mo...

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Using @mentions

@mentions allow users to call out other community members within a post.  With User Mentions, users can call out specific users in their posts and invite them to join the conversation. You might @mention a user when you know they can answer a quest...

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What are Community Ranks

In this support article, we cover the following topics:  Community Ranks Seeing Someone's Rank  Community Ranks   Ranks are a terrific way for you to see a community member's role and activity and to celebrate your own accomplishments. Community ra...

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