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Community Manager

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Changing Your Email Address 

If you change jobs and/or organizations and would like your community account to be associated with a different email address, our team can help! You will need to register in the community with your new email and ensure you make no community contributions until your community account has been re-associated with your new email. Contact our team via this community support form, providing your previous username and associated email, as well as your newly created username and associated email. Our team will map the two accounts together so you can keep all your community contributions while signed into the community with your new username and email. NOTE: Please do NOT make any contributions to the community with your new account until after the mapping is complete. 


Merging Community Accounts 

There is no option for merging community accounts. Although it is OK to have multiple accounts, it is recommended to have and use only one.  


Changing Your Username 

When choosing a username in the community, it is important that you ensure you are happy with your choice, as your username is tied to your community activity and reputation. If you feel as though you have a valid reason for wanting to change your community username, please complete this community support form with the specific reason for your request. Please provide your current username, your desired username, and a link to your community profile. You can access your profile by selecting your avatar in the upper-right corner and selecting My Profile. 


I still need help 

If you still need support for your community account or have a question that is not covered here, please ask for assistance in our Community Feedback area or email us at Please note that the Community Feedback area is visible to all users of the platform. 


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